Made in Michiana: Hoosier Crane Service Company

Made in Michiana: Hoosier Crane Service Company

ELKHART, Ind. -- This week's Made in Michiana takes us to Hoosier Crane in Elkhart. It's a company that started with just four passionate people. And today, they oversee nearly 100 employees.

Those nearly 100 people take a lot of pride in what they do, always working to make sure they put customer service first.

"Tom said ‘hey, I’m going to start a crane company. You want to help me?’ And so, 2002, we jumped ship and started Hoosier Crane," Hoosier Crane Vice President of Sales Jon Harkrider said.

It all started with a handful of people and a dream to give customers the service they deserve.

"We decided we really wanted to give our customers a lot more service than the other companies were providing," Harkrider said.

Harkrider, Tom Schmidt and Tom's wife, Sherry, were Hoosier Crane Service Company's first three employees.

Today, they oversee nearly 100 employees, who engineer, build and service these shiny, bright yellow cranes.

They built around 150 cranes in 2018 for several different industries, as "small" as a quarter-ton, and as "large" as 200 tons.

"We do manufactured housing, RV, automotive, pharmaceutical, just about anything really... We’ve shipped some stuff over to the Middle East. We do a lot of stuff in Mexico. We ship into Canada," Harkrider said.

Although they have other offices across the region, it all starts in Elkhart.

"We build it right here. And it goes out the door nice and shiny yellow, and everybody’s happy," Harkrider said.

The result is engineered solutions, quality cranes and a service experience, made right here in Michiana.

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