Made in Michiana: Hostetler’s Lawn Furniture

Made in Michiana: Hostetler’s Lawn Furniture

BOURBON, Ind.—This week’s made in Michiana takes us to Bourbon where two family owned companies are partnering to not only build quality buildings, but give back to the community that has embraced them.

Marlin Martin took over Hostetler’s Lawn Furniture two years ago.

“You come in here, I’m going to ask what you need it for. How big you think you need and then we are going to try going a little bigger because you never have too much room,” Martin said.

The lawn furniture business offers 24 different kinds of custom built sheds, in all different shapes and sizes.

While Hostetler’s is selling spacious sheds, seven miles down the road, employees at Kuntz Storage Barns are building them.

The partnership all started in 2017. Kuntz, with 16 employees spread across two shops, builds up to 50 sheds per week, using materials from local suppliers.

Not only do these sheds go to paying customers, but they’re also donated to local high schools.

“The community supports us and we want to give back to them,” Martin said.

Martin says the ultimate goal is to become a staple in the community and for people all over the county to see their products.

“You know you can only dream so big. Eventually, we would like to buy our own property and expand into even more sheds,” Martin said.

Hostetler’s Lawn Furniture will be hosting an open house on May 25 for anyone interested in seeing their custom products.

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