Made in Michiana: Impress Jewelry Creations

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.—This week’s Made in Michiana takes us to Impress Jewelry Creations in Granger.

For just over two years, Impress Jewelry Creations has been making custom pieces of jewelry. Now, the business is teaming up with Ivy Tech to help students that could one day follow in their footsteps.

Bill Martin, CEO of Impress Jewelry Creations, has been making his mark on the jewelry industry for nearly two decades. Just two years ago, he decided to take his passion and turn it into Impress Jewelry Creations.

“We have more goldsmiths at Impress, the technicians that are preparing and building, then I have sales people. And that’s a little bit of an upended business model from what traditional jewelry stores are but we are far from traditional and that’s okay,” Martin said.

Sarah Rice, Executive Director of Resource Development for Ivy Tech, approached Martin and his staff to create a unique piece for an upcoming gala.

Martin knew it was much more than just a jewel to raise funds.

“I have a huge respect for people who delve into the trades. Really rings true to me. Because that was more of the path I took. So it’s been full circle,” Martin said.

Designing the piece began with a simple sketch.

Once the art-deco inspired design was done and the elements were in, the goldsmiths worked for hours, by hand, perfecting Ivy Tech’s vision.

“He has gone above and beyond in creating such a custom piece that speaks to the elements of the gala, the art deco, the luxurious feel that guests will experience, but really the mission of Ivy Tech,” Rice said.

This is just one example of the care and work that Impress Jewelry Creations puts into its custom pieces, no matter how many carats or pearls.

“Being able to tell a story for the next generation of how to carry those pieces forward. I’ve done that thousands of times for clients locally and it continues to be the cornerstone of our business,” Martin said.

The custom piece will be on display and available in a drawing on May 3 during the 2nd annual Ivy Tech Impact Gala at the University of Notre Dame. Tickets are still available for the event.

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