Made in Michiana: Lavender Hill Farm

NILES, Mich. -- There are five days left until Christmas, so there is still time to support local companies and get that one of a kind gift. One place you can find unique items is Lavender Hill Farm in Niles, Michigan.

The farmhouse on Lavender Hill Farm is rich in history and rich in memories for Niles resident Martha Wilczynski.

“I started thinking about this 20 years ago because I grew up here and I always loved this piece of property,” said Wilczynski.

But the soil here isn't quite as rich as it was for her parents.

“It's poor, sandy soil, so a lot of things don't grow real well,” said Wilczynski.

When Wilczynski inherited this land the soil was too old, too soft and too worn for traditional produce so she decided to plant lavender. Little did she know if would grow into an entirely new family business.

“This is my bath tea blend, a blend of salts, oatmeal and bath softening ingredients,” said Wilczynski.

Wilczynski is the only employee on the assembly line of her ‘factory’ and the only one with her handwritten secret lavender recipes.

“I do things the old fashioned way. I was a trained chemistry major in school so I always kept good notes,” said Wilczynski.

Lavender Hill Farm in Niles has a quaint shop and loyal customers.

All of her soaps, sprays, oils, and honey are homegrown and handmade.

How does it feel to be able to give the farm a second chance at life?

“It's great. I think my parents were really happy about it when they saw the potential a few years ago. Just that we were able to make some money off this property and support the farm and keep it going,” said Wilczynski.

While it isn't making her rich, it's putting green in her pocket and lavender into homes around Michiana.

The Lavender Hill Farm store is open Friday from 10 to 4 and by appointment for the rest of winter.

They also have a brand new website where you can purchase products online -

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