Mail service change leads to returns

NORTH LIBERTY, Ind. -- With a new post master and the norm being tested, residents of North Liberty are raising concerns with the local USPS.

Packages, bills, lifesaving medications are just a few of the items that were being returned to sender as a new post master is challenging the establishment to follow the rules more closely than before. 

In a town with less than two thousand people, the USPS says that they are unable to deliver mail to the end of peoples driveways in the small town.  Here, people have always picked up their mail at a P.O. box which is given free to the residents. 

However, this is where many people are getting frustrated. The old post master knew the community and the people they were serving. While going through the mail they were able to pick out people's mail by name and drop it into the correct box with ease. Yet, this new hire is requiring that all parcels have the correct P.O. box number listed right on the label. 

While things are changing in this small town, the residents did tell me they realize that this post master might not know everyone like the old one--but all they ask is for some grace and understanding during this transition period. 

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