Major expansion proposed for Memorial Hospital

NOW: Major expansion proposed for Memorial Hospital

SOUTH BEND, Ind --- Some big changes could be coming for Beacon Health System. One of the largest employers in the area laid out a $300 million expansion plan at several of its facilities with the bulk of money for Memorial Hospital.

The estimated $240 million expansion is aimed at helping build up the city’s north side of downtown.

“What they are talking about doing is making a major investment. They are an important anchor institution for the city of South Bend. They’re the largest employer downtown. They generate more traffic than anybody else in the downtown area,” said said President & CEO of the South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce Jeff Rea.

The proposed project was submitted as a part of an application for state funding through the Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) that could provide $50 million of funding to the area.

The 211,500 sq. ft. expansion to Memorial Hospital would include a new patient tower and trauma bays at the hospital. In addition to a health and lifestyle district that would incorporate workforce housing, more parking, a hotel, and commercial space along with a 50 sq. ft. health and wellness facility south of the hospital.

A major upgrade that Rea said could really help bring in more people to the area.

“It certainly increases the number of people that work there. Our goal is to attract more people here so jobs sometimes attract people, so there is some excitement about that. Not only the permanent jobs but also construction jobs for any project that ultimately would happen there,” added Rea.

According to the plan, it anticipates to improve patient care overall along with creating 588 direct jobs at the hospital and 600 indirect jobs with community expansion.

Beacon Health System issuing the following statement about the proposal:

Memorial Hospital has established the need for a new patient tower on its downtown South Bend campus. After two years of discussions and extensive evaluations, Memorial has begun the planning process for the tower. Discussions have surrounded the age of our facilities and anticipated changes in the way healthcare will be delivered in the future. This proposed project, submitted as part of an application for READI program funding, has not yet been finalized.

In partnership with Great Lakes Capital, Bradley Company and the City of South Bend, this proposed project would create additional downtown residential options and a new health and fitness center located south of the Memorial Hospital. It would also help address parking challenges on the Memorial campus. This is still a preliminary concept for Beacon and its project partners, who have not yet finalized the financial aspects of or timing for this proposal.

According to their application submitted the target completion date is June 2026. The full proposal can be found here.

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