Major road project on SR23 wraps up

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- One of the largest neighborhood construction projects in South Bend is about to wrap up. That's good news for drivers and for nearby residents.

After months of orange barrels and road closure signs, INDOT says construction along this stretch of State Road 23 near Huey is finally wrapping up.

Residents like Leon Paskell say it's about time.

"It's been kind of hard. Stopped us from making our money as far as parking with the construction and everything," said Paskell.

Paskell says he runs a lot on Twyckenham, but it wasn't easy for Notre Dame fans to find it this season.

Barriers and construction vehicles have blocked access for months while the road is realigned.

"I think it looks real good. I think it looks real good," said Paskell.

If you drive along the road in the next day or two, you'll see construction crews installing a new black fence.

It's a fence that's upsetting many homeowners across from the new triangle.

"When I first drove by there were like poles that they had put up and things and I was like oh they're going to fence us in. They don't want us to be too close to the new houses and just a way to put a barrier up between us and them," said Mary Stogsdill.

INDOT said the fence is the city of South Bend's part of this project.


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