Making South Bend a cleaner place to live

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- They're making South Bend a nicer and cleaner place to live, one block at a time!

About forty people spent their weekend cleaning up fifty blocks of trash on South Bend's west side.
They bagged paper, trimmed bushes and picked up cans on the city's streets. 
It was all part of the Adopt-a-Block program sponsored by the Kennedy Park Neighborhood Association. 
"It's an opportunity where we can clean up the street and make it beautiful again instead of just having trash and debris over the sidewalk," said Viola Sims, President of the Kennedy Park Neighborhood Association.
It's a neighborhood clean up program that encourages neighbors to work together to clean up litter in empty lots and alleys.
Organizers say although it was a hot day, they cleaned up a lot of trash!

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