"Mamas Against Violence" host awareness gala

NOW: “Mamas Against Violence“ host awareness gala


Tonight, South Bend Police continue to search for the killers of 21-year-old Darnell Warfield and 19-year-old Anthony Mobley.

Both were shot and killed in late April, just four days apart, and as police do their part, a local organization called “Mamas Against Violence” is doing what they can to prevent another child, lost.

Sunday night, the organization held a gala at The Riverside Terrace in Mishawaka.

Just this morning, Warfield was laid to rest almost two weeks after he was shot and killed on Windfall Court.

“Terrell was a victim of homicide in downtown South Bend in 2003,” says Bobbie Woods, the founder of Mamas Against Violence.

“My son Nathan Hall was murdered in 2014 to gun violence,” said Charla Opfer, a member of Mamas Against Violence.

Opfer and Woods share a bond no mother ever wants to share.

“No day gets any easier,” explained Opfer.

But as difficult as each day is, “Mamas Against Violence” tries to make losing a child, bearable.

Through prayers and tears, the organization works to make sure no other parent has to go through what they’ve been through.

Sadly, two recent homicides in South Bend have reignited their mission, and their emotions.

“It all comes rushing back in fact I went to a funeral today the first I’ve been too victim of homicide and hit hard,” said Opfer.

That funeral was for Warfield, who was gunned down on April 25th, just four blocks away from Washington High School.

Only four days later, Mobley was shot to death on Logan Street.

Tonight, over 300 people came together for a gala against violence.

For mothers like Woods and Opfer, that kind of support is everything.

“I look around and see this crowd of people it makes my heart happy,” said Woods.

“Mamas Against Violence” is now in its 14th year.

Woods, who is the founder and president, believes the key to lowering the murder rate in our community and across the country is making a difference at an early age. 

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