Man accused of stabbing nephew 30 times arraigned; Victim speaks out

NOW: Man accused of stabbing nephew 30 times arraigned; Victim speaks out


GRANGER, In. -- After stabbing his nephew close to 30 times on Labor Day, an uncle was arraigned today.

The suspect, Michael Tagalog, was charged with two felony level battery charges. His bond was set for $50,000 in court Monday.

Malakai Bohannon, 13 years old, suffered from over 30 stab wounds following the attack. His grandma also suffered cuts to her hands after trying to stop the fight.

 “He walked up from behind me pulled me by my hair and yanked me upwards,” Malakai said.

Malakai said he was attacked by a man he trusted while simply reading a book. He also said nothing in particular provoked the attack but he noticed his uncle engaging in odd behavior like staring at him and fidgeting with the windows.

Tagalog also turned the knife on himself, slitting his throat, and underwent surgery, according to the family.

Tagalog, the family says, has suffered from a history of mental health issues. He’s never shown any violent tendencies before that Labor Day weekend and was being actively treated for his mental problems.

Malakai’s father Seven Bohannon said Tagalog lived with the family for eight years before the incident and considered him a life-long friend. Despite what happened, he still wishes well for Tagalog and hopes he’s able to get the help he needs.

“I saw his arms and they were like filleted open and I was sort of in shock and he just kept saying I don’t know uncle just attacked me and tried to kill me,” Seven recalls.

Now the family is just thankful Malakai’s alive. Malakai said when his uncle tried to stab him in the neck; the knife just wouldn’t puncture his skin.

“He started stabbing me in the neck with that and it just wouldn’t go through,” Malakai said. “It was bending on my neck and not puncturing it and multiple times he tried this. I knew an angel or God was protecting me when that was happening because I would have died instantly if that went through my neck.”

Malakai’s now using this traumatic experience as motivation that if he can survive this, he can survive anything.

“He’s a walking miracle and I’m just thankful that he’s with us,” Seven said.

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