Man caught on camera hitting car, house with baseball bat

NOW: Man caught on camera hitting car, house with baseball bat

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - A bat-wielding man caught on camera in a quiet South Bend neighborhood! Check this out, neighbors are banding together to catch this guy seen using a baseball bat to smash up a car and house in the Twyckenham Hills neighborhood.

“Oh wow okay, he came up to the door with a bat," Gordon Steffens, one neighbor said. "That’s crazy that there’s something like that in my neighborhood. Scary.”

It's a moment Jade Centelli and her fiancé never saw coming.

"We, unfortunately, didn’t hear it when it happened. Our alarms didn’t go off," Centilli said.

But when they woke up Sunday morning to find glass on the floor, it was

"Just unfathomable," she said. "We found it the next morning when we woke up. Started to piece some things together when we saw the front door glass was broken. And saw the rest of the damage.”

That’s when they took a look at their ring camera and the footage was shocking.

A man is seen on the video using a baseball bat to smash Jade’s fiance’s car.

"And then he came over and hit this window twice. When he broke that he broke all the way through so at that point he couldn’t went all the way in I guess," she explained.

Tana: “But he didn’t”

“He didn’t. That wasn’t his intention," she said.

And then he hit the front door, dropped something Jade says was drug paraphernalia and fled the scene.

The biggest shocker? The pair doesn’t know the man who did it.

“Why would someone do that. Just shock. I just can’t fathom why someone would do that to someone's house. We don’t know this person. He obviously got my neighbors car as well," she said.

And the next-door neighbor - also receiving what looks like another blow to his car.

“Hundreds literally," the neighbor said.

Causing hundreds, if not thousands in damage.

"This is going to be upwards I‘m thinking $2,000-$3,000 worth of damage," Centilli said.

The couple going on Facebook to get help finding the suspect. And it’s the video that could be the help they needed.

"Sightings or I’ve heard that car before, or I’ve seen somebody like that in the area. So that has been helpful," she said.

Police officials say they are looking into the incident and there is still no information on if a suspect has been caught. 

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