Man charged with murder of Marshall County teen

Five months after a 15-year-old girl's body was found in a rural area of Marshall County, authorities have charged someone with her murder.

Monday morning around 9:30, the Marshall County Prosecutor announced 20-year-old Fabian Roman Rubio is facing three counts, including murder, sexual misconduct with a minor and abuse of a corpse.

“The manner of death was homicide and the cause of death was blunt force trauma to her head,” said Nelson Chipman, Marshall County Prosecutor.

On the morning of December 19, 2014, Desi Jones' burned body was found by a person walking off of 5th Road in Marshall County.
According to police documents, Jones's father had reported her missing that same morning.
Chipman says the night before, Rubio and Jones had been in contact with one another.
“Fabian Rubio was in electronic contact with Desi late on December 18th,” said Chipman.
Rubio and Jones lived on the same street in Bremen.
“They lived approximately four houses apart,” said Chipman.
According to court documents, on the weekend of the murder- Rubio left town.
When he returned two days later, he was asked to speak with police because of his prior contact with Jones.
After the interview, authorities checked the outside of his truck and noticed a red stain.
 “[There] was a blood stain on the rear license plate,” said Chipman.
Tests concluded that Desi Jones' DNA was on his pickup.
According to the probable cause affidavit- nine separate locations of red stains were found in the bed of Rubio's truck and on a spare tire.

Additional evidence was found in the Rubio home.
“Various items of clothing a glove and a hammer were confiscated and sent for laboratory analysis as well,” said Chipman.
Now- the Jones family is trying to remember Desi Jones as the teen she was.
“She was really into art and drawing and things like that- she played ball - her dad coached her for years,” said Joe Jones, Desi's uncle.
They're grateful for the support of the community.
“The town of Bremen, how much they care until something like this happens. It has been overwhelming the love and support we have had from this town,” said Jones.
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