Man files lawsuit after being trapped in room at jail

COOK COUNTY, Ill. -- A man who claims he spent more than 30 hours trapped in a concrete room at the Cook County Jail is filing a lawsuit.

Farad Polk has a child at the jail. He said he was there to visit when he was trapped in a locked room with no way out.

Polk was freed only after he broke a fire sprinkler to get someone's attention.


"Sitting there after five minutes, I'm like, 'This ain't right, this ain't happening.'  So as I turned around to buzz out, there ain't no buzzer.  No buzzer, no intercom, just a room," said Polk.


Polk's attorney says he could hear people so they must have heard him too but no one came to help.


The jail's director admits mistakes were made but says there are not enough guards to keep track of everyone.

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