Man gets Fighting Irish tattoo on head

NILES, Mich.-- For Fighting Irish football fan Tracey Moore, nine hours under the needle was a small price to pay for his favorite team.

"It was painful," Moore said. "I can't say it didn't hurt, because it did."

Moore is one of many to walk through the doors of Michiana Tattoo Emporium this year, but the only one to get inked on his head.

"It was brought up, 'You know, I can do the dome', so I said, 'How about on my head?,'" Moore said. "I always keep my head shaved anyways, so it was just a unique place to do it."

Artist Brandon Hunt worked on several sketches before coming up with Moore's final design.

"I looked at the Notre Dame building itself; making sure all of the details were in there, so that way it could be distinctive as Notre Dame," Hunt said.

He's drawn more Fighting Irish themed tattoos this year than Michigan ones.

Something, that's a rarity, even during a winning season.

If Notre Dame can keep it up, Hunt expects even busier times ahead.

"I'd probably be adding a lot of dates in there, as far as this year goes," Hunt said. "And maybe their record, if they go 12-0 or 13-0."

But even if the Irish can't stay perfect, Moore said his tattoo will always be a winner with the crowds.

"It's been great," Moore said. "I have pictures taken all over the place. If I had money for every picture taken, I'd be rich."

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