Man held hostage in Dowagiac home

NOW: Man held hostage in Dowagiac home


A Dowagiac man is facing 20 different charges stemming from a kidnapping.

According to police, a 22-year-old man was held hostage for several days, beatened and threatened, throughout it all.

Dowagiac Police says the victim, Carlos Belmares, was held hostage by his own friend.

Friday afternoon Dowagiac Director of Public Safety Steve Grinnewald explained what happened.

“Few times assaulted not doing fast enough not getting my money whipped with a belt,” said Grinnewald.

Images were presented in court on Friday for evidence during McCudy’s arraignment.

They show multiple bruisings on Belmares’ back and ear.

“Scared, frightened pointed shotgun at him would kill him if didn’t get money back,” said Grinnewald.

According to Grinnewald, McCuddy accused Belmares of stealing thousands of dollars from his wallet.

The belt whipping and assaults all happened with two infants and McCuddy’s girlfriend inside the house on Oak Street.

Sunday, Belmares was finally allowed to leave.

Last weekend there was also a point where McCuddy made Belmares drive to his family’s home in Lawrence at knifepoint to collect money from his family.

Police arrested McCuddy Thursday night and found cocaine, marijuana, and heroin inside McCuddy’s home.

His bond is set for $300,000 cash surety.

His next court appearance will be on March 16.

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