Man mowing lawns to spread kindness

NOW: Man mowing lawns to spread kindness

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A traveling man and seven South Bend Police offers joined together to help mow the lawn of a local woman fighting cancer. 

Rodney Smith Jr. of Alabama is the creator of Raising Men Lawn Care Service that helps keep youths on a positive path while helping their local community members who are elderly, disabled, veterans, single parents, or in need. 

Within his company Smith has a variety of campaigns that he founded and participates in. The campaigns include Mowing with Cops, 50 States 50 lawns, and the 50 yard challenge. 

Friday, he drove to South Bend on his 6th running of Mowing with Cops's 50 States and 50 Lawns to help local woman Margie Neely. Neely has been recently diagnosed with cancer and has been unable to do many of the things she used to do, including mow her lawn.

With the help of a police clad lawn mower, a positive group of police officers and visitors, Neely's lawn was trimmed and shining with a new, fresh cut. 

You can follow Smith's 50 state journey on Instagram or on the Raising Men Lawn Care Service website. 

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