Man mows lawns for $10 and the excercise

SOUTH BEND, IND -- A local man is cutting grass to cut calories. Carlos Jones wants to do your yard work for you, and you'll never believe why. 

"There's three reasons," said Jones. "First reason: I have this nonprofit organization called 'Check out my grades' where we take out kids and reward them for progress in school. Second, I do it for the people. Times are hard, gas prices are high and people's lawnmowers are breaking down. It’s just hard out here. Third, I do it for the cardio."

With some extra bounce in his step, and a long sleeve shirt to make him sweat, he's trimming the grass and his waistline. 

"You'd be surprised how many calories you burn walking up and down these yards," said Jones.

So he walks, no matter how big or small the yard, and only charges $10.

Afterwards, he posts pictures of his work on Facebook.

"You know, they see my work," said Jones. "Like I said it's not perfect but it’s presentable and for $10 you can't beat it nowhere. Who has $30 or $40 to keep paying people to do that? Grass grows like hair."

At eight months pregnant, it took Ashley Terry a long time to cut her grass. 

"It was usually a 2 to 3 day thing for me during nap times," said Terry.

But then someone recently stole her lawnmower.

Thankfully, Terry says her husband pointed her to Jones' posts on Facebook.

"He was out here in a long sleeve Under Armour type shirt just pushing away," said Terry. "And he says he loves the exercise. It’s not for the money. He does it for the exercise and to help people and that's beautiful."

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