Man loses fingers in Osceola firework injury

NOW: Man loses fingers in Osceola firework injury

Osceola, Ind. - An Elkhart man is recovering after losing three fingers in a firework injury.

The incident happened at his friend’s house in Osceola overnight Saturday.

“I remember being there to it happening, to the bright light, to screaming,” Justin Bowerman said.

Bowerman says he was sober, following the directions to light the fireworks.

“As soon as I lit it, it pretty much blew up in front of my face,” Bowerman said.

The victim is now missing three fingers on his dominant right hand, and has burns all over his body.

“The pains unbearable,” Bowerman said.

Justin is married with two sons.

He just got back from an Indianapolis hospital and says he has no health insurance.

Bowerman and had just started a job last month that requires use of his hands.

As he heals, his wife Amanda is taking care of him.

“Things will be normal again for us eventually. But it’s going to take time and they’re going to be different,” Amanda said.

The family is now figuring out how to get by after this.

“I haven’t seen my right hand yet. Obviously, I’m scared to see it,” Bowerman said.

Before the bandages come off the Bowermans are warning others to be careful.

“Just act smart. Don’t go out there trying to do who’s got the loudest firework, who has got the biggest bang, because it’s not worth it. I’m lucky to be here. I’m lucky to be alive,” Bowerman said.

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