Man reunites with medics, operator who saved his life

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An 84-year-old heart attack survivor met with the medics who saved his life and the woman who called 911 from across the country.

On May 16, Walter Borders started having chest pains and he activated his new ADT medical pendant.

The pendant sent a signal to Debbie Scoggins, an operator at a monitoring center in Missouri. Scoggins heard Border's cries for help and immediately called 911.

"I pushed it and within two minutes, the fire department was here, and I was happy as hell," Borders said. "I'm very thankful for her. She's my hero."

Zachary Kidwell, nne of Emergency Medical Technicians, that helped had played little league with Border's grandson.

Borders says he got his ADT medical pendant two days before his heart attack.

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