Man shot and killed at University Park Mall, investigation continues

NOW: Man shot and killed at University Park Mall, investigation continues

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Bar Louie is back open after 27-year-old Benito Bueno was shot and killed in their parking lot early Sunday morning

University Park Mall was shut down for hours as the St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit and police investigated. 

Police say there was a fight in the parking lot that ultimately led to Bueno's death.

Store employees told ABC57 News that they were calling off some employees, expecting the police presence and blocked off parking lots to keep shoppers away. 

Many shoppers, like Susan Seawright, are still shocked that something like this happened there.

"I was shocked at the location. Because the mall doesn't seem like..." she explains "Any time there's a murder, obviously it's awful. So that was a surprise."

Seawright was out shopping with her sister, and say her plans to spend the day at the mall won't change. 

She doesn't expect others to change their plans either.

"Sadly because we may have grown accustomed to hearing these kind of situations happening," Seawright adds.

Situations like a murder at the mall.

"It concern me that these kind of things are happening. All over the place it seems like," she says. "I'm just sad to see gun violence."

Now, she is joining others in hoping and praying that police can find the people responsible soon.

"I just hope they find some answers and I feel very, very badly for the victim and their family. I'm sorry to hear it happened," Seawright says. 

Several witnesses taken into questioning, but so far no suspects have been announced just yet. 

Bar Louie expressed its condolences to the victim and his family.

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