Man stabbed while confronting burglar in South Bend

NOW: Man stabbed while confronting burglar in South Bend

A South Bend man was stabbed while confronting someone he suspected of burglarizing his neighbors home on Brookfield Street

"I felt it hit, almost like bone, is what it felt like.” The man, who wished to stay anonymous, said.

The man was stabbed in the arm on Monday around 11:30am. He says he watched the suspected burglar ride his bicycle up to his neighbor's home, then walk into his enclosed front porch.

“I walked over to see what he was doing and he was scrounging around, looking for things he shouldn’t be looking for and was trying to steal his stuff." He explained. "I had to push him out the porch. Literally pushed him out the porch.”

Once off the porch, the victim says he and the suspected thief began to fight. During the altercation, the suspect stabbed him with an unknown object, before getting onto his bicycle and riding away.

The victim says he's seen the man in his neighborhood before. He suspects he's homeless.

“A panhandler is what he is. A street urchin as far as I’m concerned.” He said.

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