Man who faked COVID-19 test results sentenced

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- A man who faked his son’s COVID-19 test results so he wouldn’t have to serve time at the Ducomb Center was sentenced on the counterfeiting case and the violation of sentencing.

On December 2, 2021, Nicolas Sims was scheduled to serve a three-year sentence at the Ducomb Center for his conviction for corrupt business influence, forgery and six counts of theft.

Instead of showing up, Sims told the Senior Officer in Charge that he could not go to the center because his son tested positive for COVID-19.

Once officials determined the documentation of the positive COVID-19 test was forged, Sims was charged with one count of counterfeiting and was taken into custody.

In addition to violating the terms of his sentence by not showing up to the Ducomb Center, Sims violated the terms by being charged with a new offense.

On Friday, Sims was sentenced to 156 days on the counterfeiting charge. He has already completed that sentence.

He was also re-sentenced on the corrupt business influence, forgery and theft charges.

He was ordered to serve the rest of the 3 year sentence with Michiana Community Corrections.

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