Manhunt: Police search for man who assaulted an Indiana officer

TIPTON COUNTY, Ind. -- A manhunt is underway for a man who assaulted an Indiana police officer.

Police say 35-year-old John Dauen-Hauer robbed a pharmacy on Wednesday in central Indiana, taking several prescription medications.

Officers later arrested him at home. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

But Dauen-Hauer didn't stay long!

"About 1:15 this morning, while at the hospital with a corrections officer from the Tipton County Jail, he assaulted the corrections officer, and escaped custody from the officer, and from the hospital, and fled on foot,” said Captain Gordon Tocco of the Tipton Police Department.

On Thursday, police searched cornfields and even delayed the start of school.

So far, they have not been able to find him.

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