Man's last wish to play instrument granted

NOW: Man’s last wish to play instrument granted

GOSHEN, Ind. -- One man's last wish to play his favorite instrument was granted today.

80-year-young, David Scudder, is a life long learner and teacher of music. 

With numerous degrees, years of fiddler's and orchestra experiences across the country, and a love that is unceasing--all Scudder wanted to do was play the violin one more time. 

That is where Scudder's Nursing Facility, Waterford Crossing, came in. They have a program called "Live a Dream" where faculty tries to bring their resident's last wishes tonight, similar to "Make a Wish". 

Jenna Barghahn, one of Scudder's care takers, says that almost all of their conversations are about music and that he told another care taker playing the violin, his most prized instrument, would make him so happy. This comes after a few years of hardships, moving due to his wife's health, and another move where Scudder had to throw out all of his instruments. 

To make his dream a reality, Waterford Crossing reached out to the Goshen high school orchestra who whole-heartedly agreed to share their instruments with Scudder. 

Friday morning, Barghahn said that Scudder's face immediatly lit up as soon as he came into the auditorium and heard the first note. 

Scudder was transported back 60 years to the prime of his life, and he played as well as he did back then. He was enthralled with the violin he was given to borrow--and immediately knew it needed to be tuned. His fingers found and remembered every note as he played some of his favorite songs for the students and onlookers from memory. 

Scudder truly emoted light as he was able to use his gift and passion for music and share it with a younger generation who found love in the same cause. 

All who were present felt and heard how music is truly timeless and can unite all people across all spaces.

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