Many Michiana residents prepped, ready for winter storm

NOW: Many Michiana residents prepped, ready for winter storm

BERRIEN COUNTY, Ind. – Michiana residents are prepping for the potential impacts of Winter Storm Harper.

Some locals are sharing how they’re getting ready for the large amount of snowfall expected this weekend.

Berrien County resident Matthew O’Donnell said, “We always keep food in the house and keep everything prepared so when the storms hit if we weren’t home to be prepared, we would be prepared by the time we got home and the storm hit.”

“I’m getting excited honestly. I’ve lived here all my life and this is why I live here. So, I’m waiting for cross country skiing and bring it on,” said Granger local Sally Taelman.

ABC 57 also caught up with Elkhart road crews who have been working since Friday to pre-treat roads with brine and salt to get a head start on the storm impacting the region.

Plow drivers are asking motorists to be alert and give salt trucks extra space.

Heavy Equipment Operator Kevin Mast of the Elkhart Street Department said, “If you see lights flashing, don’t pull up in front of us. The salt and spinner come out at a pretty good rate, it’ll tear up some vehicles. Just give us space so we can do our jobs to get you where you need to go safe.”

All across Michiana, road crews are calling for all-hands-on-deck to keep ahead of the storm.

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