Many still without power in Elkhart County as Michiana sees extensive power outages

NOW: Many still without power in Elkhart County as Michiana sees extensive power outages


ELKHART, Ind. --- A freezing rain storm with snow mix knocked out power for more than tens of thousands of Michiana residents this weekend. Leaving many without electricity to begin the week, with counties like Elkhart facing extensive outages. 

These outages have caused schools in the area to close Monday, and leaving many residents to improvise until the lights come back on. 

“We had staff, and still have staff, as of you know this morning that we’re staying in hotels. And just a lot of hardship when we don’t have power so consulted with my team and made the decision the close school today,” said Concord Superintendent Dan Funston. 

With this school closing, due to the power outages, to be made up at the end of the school year. 

This day will actually be made up, kids were supposed to end school on the Thursday prior to Memorial Day, so this will bump that back to the Friday before Memorial Day where we will be ending school.” said Funston.

And, as schools experience the hardship of no power, other residents in the county are facing their own struggles.

“Well, we had to sit here in the dark, we just had to make sure we didn’t have the refrigerator open all the time, just keep it closed, that way the milk & meat stayed frozen & cold,” said Elkhart resident Rickie Current. 

With entire neighborhoods and areas in the county, experiencing multiple days of no electricity. 

“This whole block didn’t have it, I know the apartments over here in Middlebury didn’t have it, and all down this street over here, then some of Nappanee Street, Marion, and Franklin,” said Current.

As Indiana & Michigan Power looks to restore power to the 20% of Michiana without it, residents are forced to improvise until the heat cranks back up. 

“The heat was on, but it wasn’t as warm as normal, so we just kept blankets on the kids, ourselves, and wore warm pajamas,” said Current. 

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