First recovery center to open in Marshall County

NOW: First recovery center to open in Marshall County

PLYMOUTH, Ind.-- It’s a historic building in Marshall County that’s making history twice. What was once the Marshall County infirmary will now be home to the county’s first ever halfway house.

"Addiction just takes your loved ones and turns them into something you don’t recognize," said Angie Kain.

A new recovery facility is coming to Marshall County to give recovering addicts and their families hope, or in this case, David’s courage.

I didn’t even realize how many families were affected until we started working on the place,” said David's Courage president, Gregg Erickson. 

They’re teaming up with Marshal County Community Corrections to provide the first of its kind of recovery center in the county.

“Even if they have nothing to do with the criminal justice system, David's Courage can be that vehicle to keep them out of that justice system," said Marshall County Community Corrections Director, Ward Byers.

For families just like Angie’s who lost her 20-year-old son Chandlor to a drug overdose without a nearby recovery center, even jail looked like a safer bet than having him on the streets.

“He was very talented, athletic, had a sense of humor. When they're in jail, you know that they're being fed and warm, all the basic needs met. When they're in active addiction they're out in the streets. You don’t know what could happen to them," said Byers.

A problem they believe David's Courage could solve. 

“There are places but they’re small. They have about six to eight people in their facility. We’re going to have about 46 in our facility. Ours is one of the largest in Indiana actually. They’ll have to want to be here. It can’t be because some else wants them here. We know that it doesn’t work unless they want to be here. Once they agree to yes, that’s the lifestyle I want to live and we have a bed available, they’re here. It’ll be at no cost to their families," said Erickson.

Construction is still ongoing.

In fact, they need more volunteers and a little about $64,000 dollars to have the recovery facility completely finished. You can find out how to volunteer or donate here.

They’re also hosting an open house May 5th so anyone who is interested can see exactly what is offered.

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