Marshall County approves fines for health order violations

Marshall County Commissioners approved an ordinance that would fine people and/or businesses that do not follow health restrictions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The ordinance reinforces the governor’s recent order extending the health emergency and requirement that Hoosiers wear facial coverings when they cannot maintain 6-feet of distance from people who are not members of their household.

In Marshall County, a person or business who fails to comply with the ordinance, the person or business would receive a verbal order to allow them to comply.

Failure to comply would lead to a written order of violation.

If the violation continues after the 48-hour period given to fix the violation, the business could be shut down and the business would be reported to a relevant agency for possible license revocation.

Each violation of the ordinance will be assessed a $100 fine. Each day the violation is uncorrected will be considered an additional violation.

To assist businesses if someone refuses to wear a face mask, the person can be asked to leave the premises. If they refuse to leave, they can be subject to misdemeanor charges of trespassing or disorderly conduct.

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