Marshall County considering golf cart ban




Thomas Power enjoys the simple things in life.

"Lake living is more of a laid back experience," Power said.

He's retiree from Illinois who's just looking to spend the next few years of his life by the lake. And his golf cart, helps him do that.

"It's part of the open-air, slow-paced experience of lake living. It's just a fun thing to have and a fun thing to do.

But that fun could be taken away soon. Marshall County is considering an ordinance on whether to allow golf carts on some county roads. The current law prohibits their usage, but Power is hoping they'll make an exception.

"We'd be disapointed if this new law that they're talking about doesn't pass."

He lives at Lake of the Woods in Bremen, and they depend on golf carts to get around. They're more convenient and environmentally friendly, he said.

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