Marshall County locals react to February tornado-like weather

NOW: Marshall County locals react to February tornado-like weather

ARGOS, Ind.-- Workers at the BP gas station right off U.S. 31 here in Argos say it’s typically packed. But with Monday's tornado threat, it wasn't quite as lively, and some people were taking safety precautions.

“It’s not normal at all for this type of weather, for this time of year actually," said Terra Minix. "So, I’m shocked there’s actually a watch out.”

Minix was driving from Culver to pick up her grandson when the rain really started coming down.

She thought she may have to find a safe spot to pull over and hunker down with the boy during the worst of weather this afternoon.

“Now that I’ve heard there’s a watch out, yes I am worried," Minix said. "I’m on my way to go pick up my grandson, so we’ll have a fun day trying to get through this.”

Thankfully, Marshall County saw no funnel clouds or tornadoes Tuesday.

“We have a storm shelter at the house, that’s about the only thing I got. Other than that, just try not to die I guess,” said Argos resident Aiden Manges. “Just put on your high-water boots and get her done, I guess.”

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