Marshall County power, road crews ready for bad weather

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- Tuesday’s weather caused headaches in Marshall County. ABC57 checked in with utility companies, road crews and truck drivers to see how they’re dealing with the weather.

When freezing rain competes with snow, roads can get a little slick.

Add wind and a few careless drivers and the roads become dangerous for truck drivers.

"They're so close you can't even see them, until they start going up some more,” said truck driver Vincent Carnegie.

Carnegie is scheduled to make a few deliveries in Kokomo in the next few hours.

The conditions aren't ideal, which means he'll be working overtime.

"This might be a longer run than usual, because usually this run doesn't take that long. But it's better to be safe than sorry. I'd rather go 20 miles below that speed limit,” said Carnegie.

But not everything is fixed by driving slower.

"As the wind blows across those power lines, it causes them to start whipping up or down or galloping is what they call it,” said Dave Lewallen, Marshall County REMC.

Lewallen‘s crews have responded to a few power outages already and there may be more if there is freezing rain.

"Chances are we could get lucky, but then again, we could get the worst ice storm we've had in quite some time. It just all depends on what the weather does,” said Lewallen.

If the weather does get worse, small towns like Argos are on standby.

"Everybody's ready for summer,” said Susan Stearns, Town of Argos.

Stearns says the town's trucks are gassed up and ready to salt the roads or plow them if it snows.

"I'm just glad we're ready for any weather that's coming along. Hopefully, people will be careful out there, and stay off the roads if they don't need to be out,” said Stearns.


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