Maryland plane crash kills six

A small jet crashed into a home Monday morning, killing six people - three on the plane and a mother and her two children inside the home.

Marie Gemmel and sons three-year-old Cole and infant Devon were discovered in the second floor bathroom of their home.

When the plane crashed, it ignited a fire that sent a large plume of smoke into the sky.

A total of three homes were damaged when the flames spread from the crash site.  

Witnesses say they heard screaming from inside one of the homes

“I heard screams, and somebody else beside me heard screams, but we're not sure if it was from inside the house or behind the house. By the time people were showing up, everybody was talking about it, so we're not completely sure it came from inside the house, but we did hear screams,” says witness Jocelyn Brown.

The flight originated from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and was less than a mile away from the airport.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.
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