Mason Jar Café owner’s post about staff's mistreatment goes viral

NOW: Mason Jar Café owner’s post about staff’s mistreatment goes viral

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. — A Berrien County restaurant owner’s comments about the mistreatment of her staff have gone viral on Facebook. 

Her request? 

Simply for diners to be nicer. 

“We had a Sunday that was just one thing after another, people not being kind and feeling the need to berate people and it was finally just enough,” said Jayme Cousins, owner of the Mason Jar Café. 

Cousins has had a long career in the hospitality industry and knows a few truths in any restaurant.

A job where you’re on your feet all day and constantly needing to please others is demanding, but usually rewarding.  

“It’s never been an easy business but you always have those wonderful people who come along and it compensates for those who don’t treat you so nicely,” said Cousins.

Lately though, she’s seen treatment to her staff she can’t ignore.

Writing on the Mason Jar Café’s Facebook, “Food prices surged, deliveries are unreliable, mandates are constantly changing, it is nearly impossible to hire staff, the list can go on – so if we are a little slower, or a little behind, we apologize.” 

She continued, “But if you cannot give basic human decency when speaking and feel the need to take out your anger onto someone to show how big and strong you are, you will be shown the door.” 

Cousins knew it was time to speak up and it seems her message is resonating. 

“I expected a few comments here and there, but the last time I checked we were 600 comments in, 1,200 shares and 15,000 people had seen the post,” she said.

And that she’s not asking for much, just for her servers to be treated decently as they brace for whatever’s next in the pandemic. 

“Going into this summer we felt like we’re finally over the hill, well now, what is the next step? Are we going to get quarantined again? It’s all very scary.”

Cousins made sure to emphasize how grateful she is for their loyal customers who are understanding of changes that come up due to COVID and for the outpouring of support she’s received on Facebook.

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