Massive investigation spills into South Bend

NOW: Massive investigation spills into South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind.---When ABC57 arrived at 219 East Tutt Street investigators were already inside the company called Plastic Fabricating and Distributing.

Investigators were searching through the business and while we didn’t see any weapons being removed, South Bend Animal Control confirms six dogs were taken out of the shop and are being held at the shelter.

A man who wanted to remain anonymous said he lives right by the business and around 7 a.m. he was told by officials to get back into his residence and soon after he heard flash grenade sounds apparently being sent through the shops windows.

The man said he felt like something suspicious was happening inside the business for some time. He believes more than “work” was going on in there.

One woman who has a business nearby said she knew both owners, 57-year-old Lonnie Painter, and his late wife Kathy.

“When we heard that there was activity over here it kind of made us nervous,” said Ann Voll. We feel as though we had a friend there.”

On the scene investigators were searching through trash and going through the Plastic Fabricating company for several hours.

Officials would not comment  since this case is an ongoing federal investigation.

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