May not be the great pumpkin patch afterall

A Halloween tradition could cost folks a bit more this fall.

The summer's dry and hot weather wiped out pumpkin crops across the county.

Some farmers say that prices could jump as much as 30 percent.

"Prices are going to go up," said pumpkin farmer Duane White. "I hate to do that, but you have to do what you have to do."

Another farmer gave an idea as what the prices might be some pumpkins.

"The average basketball-sized pumpking looks like its going to be in the $5 to $6 range," said Bruce Curry. "If you want a really nice quality pumpkin with a big stem, $8 to $10."

Those big pumpkins may be hard to find.

Farmers say many gourds are starting to shrivel up and the stems are extremely dry.

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