Mayor Buttigieg builds campaign on idea of generational change

NOW: Mayor Buttigieg builds campaign on idea of generational change

HOUSTON -- South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg will be facing off against nine other candidates for the third Democratic debate at Texas Southern University in Houston Thursday night. The mayor has built his campaign on the idea of generational change and the debate is a great opportunity for him to educate voters on his platform.

“To have a Mayor Pete on stage it brings something different," said Dr. Michael Adams, Political Science Chairman at Texas Southern University.

Mayor Buttigieg went from a no-name to a top 5 name in the polls.

The 37-year-old has surprised political experts like Dr. Adams.

“I think Mayor Pete Buttigieg is certainly offering a lot. I think more or less he is the future of the Democratic Party," Dr. Adams said.

While he may be the future of the party Dr. Adams thinks it is unlikely Mayor Buttigieg will make it all the way to the White House, but he will gain some traction discussing his policies.

Adams says gun violence, immigration, education and health care are just some of the topics voters want candidates to address.

Students say their concerns include police brutality, gun violence, student loan debt and prison reform.

Mayor Buttigieg has addressed some of these important issues.

  • Health care: He believes in universal health care for all, while keeping private insurance as an option.
  • Gun control: He has vowed to get Congress to pass gun control legislation.
  • Immigration: He supports a common sense legal path to citizenship.
  • Education: He believes in making college debt-free for lower income families.

Visit Mayor Buttigieg's website for more information about his stance on the issues.

Mayor Buttigieg has already qualified for the next round of debates in October.

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