Mayor Buttigieg discusses debate, supports union workers at rally

NOW: Mayor Buttigieg discusses debate, supports union workers at rally


Mayor Pete Buttigieg joined hundreds of workers Wednesday morning in Detroit at a rally for union rights for security officers. After the rally, he shared his thoughts about Tuesday night's debate.

One worker was glad Buttigieg showed his support for them.

“It’s absolutely phenomenal. No doubt about that. We need all the support we can get," said Delores McDaniel, a security officer.

It’s a fight for union rights for security officers.

“In the greatest country in the world, one job ought to be enough," Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg marched alongside them.

“I do think that we need to do a much better job of reaching out to workers who have the most to lose from the continued failures of the Trump presidency," Buttigieg said.

After the march, Buttigieg spoke about some of the issues brought up during Tuesday night's debate, like climate change and gun control.

He also discussed the onstage divisiveness of night one between moderate and progressive candidates.

“I think our focus has to be not on ideological labels and frankly not on this president either. The focus has to be on people at home and everyday life and how life is going to change when we have better policies. If we’re talking too much about him, if we’re agonizing too much over whether or not we’re going to be too far right or too far left, we’re missing the point," Buttigieg said.

He says the point is making the right choices when it comes to labor laws, health care and wages for workers.

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