Mayor Buttigieg issues statement on Western Manor Apartments

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Mayor Pete Buttigieg issued a statement on Thursday regarding rent increases at Western Manor Apartments.

The mayor released the following statement:

“Residents of the Western Manor Apartments are facing a crisis and deserve our attention and support. No one should face sudden, unjust rent hikes from landlords, and forcing over 100 families into this situation is unconscionable. I join community members in calling on the new owners of Western Manor to honor their obligation to this community beyond maximizing short-term profit.

South Bend is currently taking legal and code enforcement action, but these measures will not be enough to address the immediate housing need. We urge local housing providers to rise to the occasion and help locate these residents until a more permanent solution can be found. My office has also followed up with our state and national lawmakers to inquire about their capacity to provide assistance.

The residents of Western Manor deserve better. Let us come together as a community to protect our neighbors, making South Bend an example in the process.”

Earlier in August, residents of the apartment community met at Western Branch Library to discuss their frustrations over the rent increases.

When asked for a response to the mayor's statement, Premier Real Estate Management said it was unaware of the lawsuit mentioned and did not comment. 

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