Mayor Buttigieg leads polls in Iowa

NOW: Mayor Buttigieg leads polls in Iowa


DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Mayor Pete Buttigieg is emerging as a serious front runner in Iowa. Campaign officials say he has the most field offices than any other democratic candidate and hundreds of staffers working for him around the clock.

At the Davenport field office, people have been coming through all day committing to caucus for Buttigieg, making phones calls, and taking flyers to spread the message about Buttigieg’s vision for America.

Volunteer Mary Ryder is heavily involved in the presidential race for 2020. Her candidate of choice is Mayor Buttigieg.

"I feel that he’s a servant to his country. I feel whether its mayor or president, he’s going to do great things in the future," Ryder said.

Whenever she can, she pops into the Davenport field office, makes some calls and takes some campaign materials home with her to tell anyone she can about Buttigieg’s presidential campaign.

“It’s been very surprising, I’ve gone to coffee shops and just talked to the barista and I ask ‘Do you want a change in this country?’ and they’re like ‘Yes, I’ll commit to caucus for Pete,’” Ryder said.

She hasn't always been involved in politics, although she has lived in the Hawkeye state for most of her life.

This is her first time actively supporting a presidential candidate.

"I just believe that he stands for the things we need in America right now," Ryder said.

To her, Buttigieg is the only clear choice to go up against President Donald Trump.

“I think he can bring America together again and we need that right now," Ryder said.

The challenge now for Mayor Buttigieg is to keep this momentum going.

He’s up 14 percent since the last poll in August which will be hard to top.

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