Mayor Mueller gives State of the City address

NOW: Mayor Mueller gives State of the City address

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- After a difficult year full of uncertainty thanks to COVID-19 — South Bend Mayor James Mueller is ready to recover and create growth in the city post-pandemic.

“Our local businesses are ready to grow. Outside businesses are ready to relocate to our region if only we can provide more skilled workers," said Mayor Mueller.

A big topic of the evening -- inflation.

"There is no sugar coating this these price increases are creating real burdens on families and small businesses alike. Although I haven’t seen inflation at these levels in my lifetime, this is not an unprecedented challenge. We have the tools to get the economy back on track," said Mayor Mueller.

With growing neighborhoods on the west side and east bank the city plans to continue expansion for new developers.

The projects also prioritize concerns about climate change and updating already existing infrastructure like streets.

“We are in the middle of a 3-year plan to invest 25 million dollars rebuilding our streets. By the end of next year failed streets will be repaired and the bar will be raised equitably across the city," said Mayor Mueller.

Mayor Mueller also addressed safety—and community calls for action- amid an uptick in violence.

He says officers are going to focus on educating youth members about the dangers of guns. They’re hoping to also push state leaders to rethink the new permit less carry law- which officially takes effect in July.

“Our goal of course is to prevent crime. Not just respond to and solve crimes after the fact. A permit less system may work in rural parts of our state, but for cities like south bend our state leaders have moved us in the wrong direction," said Mayor Mueller.

The city says they also hope to increase employment over the next year to return staff to pre-pandemic levels.

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