Mayor Pete Buttigieg and U.S. Senators comment on ISIS leader’s death

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Governmental figures in Indiana and Michigan commented on the recent death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Sunday.

"Clearly, this is a real blow against ISIS and positive step in the fight against stateless terrorism and credit should go to all who are involved. And I think it's an example of what our special operations and intelligence personnel are capable of around the world," Mayor Pete Buttigieg said.

U.S. Senators Todd Young of Indiana and Gary Peters of Michigan also made statements concerning the successful attack on Sunday.

Their statements come after President Donald Trump released that a U.S. military operation in Syria targeted the Islamic State group leader.

“At this watershed moment in the battle against terrorism, we thank the special operation forces who carried out the mission and the thousands of men and women who have led the fight against ISIS,” Young said in part.

“This is an important reminder that while terrorists intent on doing us harm may run and hide, the U.S. will never relent,” Peters said.

Trump revealed that al-Baghdadi died after igniting an explosive vest Saturday night after he was targeted in a tunnel, which killed himself and three of his children.

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