Mayor weighs in on Chase Tower elevator wait

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Many people are fed up with the aging Chase Building in downtown South Bend, and no one more than the tenants. One of the biggest complaints is unreliable elevators that are forcing many people to turn the stairs.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke at the Young Professionals Network Lunch on Wednesday on the 25th floor of the building.
So we asked the mayor how his ride was up to the top floor.
"My ride was just fine, but there have been some delays and some frustrations for tenants, and so we're very glad to see that there is a listing underway, and my office is doing everything we can to facilitate the flow of information about the building. The sooner this building is in responsible hands that can invest in it and do something about the conditions the sooner we can feel that the tenants have been taken care of,” said Buttigieg.
He said he’s in the building at least every week, and knows the building needs investments made in the elevators and mechanical system.
Two different people at the building told ABC 57 that the mayor himself had to take the service elevator less than a week before.
The mayor said he, too, is frustrated with the aging building.
“I know that the delays have been inconvenient and I would be impatient, too, if I were a tenant. I'm very impatient now, I want this building fixed fast,” said Buttigieg.
The building is now listed for sale by a national broker for more than 8 million dollars.

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