McBride to serve as 3rd District Councilmember

NOW: McBride to serve as 3rd District Councilmember


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Candidate Sharon McBride was elected as South Bend’s Third District Common Council Representative by the precinct Captains of the St. Joseph County Democratic Party.

The Common Council is proud to welcome Sharon McBride as she fills the seat vacated by Randy Kelly who has resigned.

The St.Joseph County Democratic Party held a caucus to fill Kelly’s seat and McBride won over eight candidates vying for the position.

McBride was sworn in by City Clerk Kareemah Fowler following the ballot count.

McBride will attend her first Common Council meeting on Monday February 26th.

Among her list of accomplishments, McBride is also the Executive Director of The Ducomb Center.

South Bend members present for the election were Vice President Oliver Davis Jr., President Tim Scott, Sharon McBride, Jo Broden, John Voorde, Karen White and Regina Williams-Preston.

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