McGlinchey to stay another year at Notre Dame: 'I have a lot left to accomplish'


Mike McGlinchey provided all the headlines Wednesday at player availability when he revealed he would return for a fifth season at Notre Dame.

"It's going to be a five-year process. I have 19 games left here, and that's what I fully intend to take on," McGlinchey said.

The senior offensive tackle anchors an offensive line that has helped a Notre Dame offense average close to 40 points and 500 yards of total offense per game. McGlinchey, the most seasoned member of the o-line, is expected to get a lot of looks from NFL scouts this Fall, but he says even all the attention doesn't mean he's ready

"I have a lot left to accomplish, and I know I'm not going to put myself in a position to go somewhere when I'm not fully ready to," McGlinchey said. "And I'm fully confident that I will be ready at some point, but I don't think it'll be after this season.

The Irish have produced many offensive lineman who wound up being drafted in the first round such as Ronnie Stanley (Baltimore Ravens), and Zack Martin (Dallas Cowboys), to name a couple. Stanley, for example, went in the top ten, and his projection soared as the season progressed, but McGlinchey says that will have no bearing on his decision.

"It's not going to come down to a projections or potential money that I can make. Because if I'm good enough at the point when I feel ready to do it. And those projections will become reality when it's my time to be ready to do that," McGlinchey said.

With McGlinchey returning next season, the Irish offense could potentially return all 11 starters from this year according to the current depth chart. A lot of that will depend on what quarterback DeShone Kizer decides to do after this year. Kizer was asked about it, and said that conversation will come at the appropriate time.

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