MDOT aims to change the terminology surrounding traffic crashes

NOW: MDOT aims to change the terminology surrounding traffic crashes

LANSING, Mich – The Michigan Department of Transportation has launched a campaign to change the terminology surrounding traffic crashes.  

“It’s a crash not an accident,” an MDOT video states. 

The department seeks to clarify the difference in the terminology and to show why it matters. 

“Accident was used in the 19thcentury by companies to avoid liability for worker injuries on the job and in the 1920’s automakers and insurers began using the word accident to shift blame,” MDOT Spokesperson Nick Schirippa said. 

According to the department most crashes are at fault accidents by one or all drivers involved. 

“Most crashes result from distracted, drugged, drunken drivers unsafe or illegal actions like driving too fast in wet or icy conditions failing to stop for stop signs and only a small percentage are equipment failure or medical emergencies,” Schirippa said. 

The department says this effort will shine a light on that behavior in an effort to change it. 

According to Michigan State Police statistics there were 312,798 traffic crashes in 2018 and and most were due to driver behavior like MDOT suggests.  

Click here to learn more about the MDOT campaign. 

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