MDOT crews working to keep roads safe

Michigan Department of Transportation crews are working hard to stay ahead of Monday night's snowstorm. MDOT is short handed as they wait for their winter plow truck operators to hit the streets on November 23rd.

MDOT Spokesman Nick Schirripa says his crews can't do much to get ahead of the snowstorm.

“Unfortunately when the roads are wet that pre-treat salt doesn't stay on the road, it just washes off," said Schirripa.

Last week's snowfall caught MDOT by surprise.

“Mother Nature doesn't always play by our schedule. Our official winter operation season starts November 23rd so that's when we are going to have 60-80 seasonal plow operators start working," said Schirripa.

To make up for the manpower shortage, everyone is pitching in.

“It can be a little bit of a headache. Certainly can throw a curve ball at us because we don't have our full time operators which isn't to say the roads aren't being plowed but you have to get creative with a different schedule," said Schirripa.

MDOT said they don't have the winter plow truck drivers start until November 23rd because they are trying to stretch tax dollars as far as possible. 
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