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MDOT is ready for the first significant snow fall of the season

NOW: MDOT is ready for the first significant snow fall of the season

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich.- MDOT is working around the clock to ensure roads are clean for drivers this winter season. 

MDOT spokesperson Nick Shirripa, says plow operators work extremely hard when conditions worsen throughout the winter. He says they actually go as far as putting their life on the line to keep drivers safe.

Shirripa wants to remind everyone to be courteous and respectful, while also giving plow drivers enough room. He says that's the only way they can do their job correctly.

Shirripa adds they're not trying to be in our way or hinder us from getting to our destinations. On the contrary, they're making sure we get there safely. 

"Understand they're not going as fast as you as those truck they drive are heavy and take a lot longer to stop, turn and accelerate," says Shirripa. "So give them room, be patient with them. They're not trying to make you late for work they're trying to make your roads safer." 

An MDOT website provides more tips on how to stay safe. If you find yourself driving through Michigan, don't forget to keep your eyes open for green lights on top of slow plows. 

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