Meals on Wheels volunteer braves the winter weather

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- The 6 inches of snow that fell in St Joseph County overnight brought many businesses to a halt, but one volunteer with Meals on Wheels kept moving.

Dr. Rod Rolston, 82, volunteers his time with Meals on Wheels - even when he has to dig his car out of his driveway.

After shoveling his driveway and gassing up his vehicle, he got on his way.

"You've got to be an adventurer to do this kind of work I tell ya," said Rolston.

On the road for five minutes, he saw his first fender bender.

"People seem to go too fast for the conditions," said Rolston.

He says speed can be deadly, especially when drifts along the roads create blind spots.

Rolston says slow and steady wins the race.

"With the ice underneath the snow its really dangerous to try and go very fast. You have to be very careful you don't slide into a bank or off road," said Rolston.

Last year Rolston drove over 3,000 miles on his delivery route.

Rolston says as long as he is able to bring food and joy to people, that's what he'll do, no matter the weather.

There were two days he didn't go out.

He says when white out conditions get bad or if the county calls a snow emergency, he will stay off the roads.

But there aren't many people who volunteer to be delivery people so he knows how much people are depending on him.


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