Medical licensing board suspends abortion doctor's license indefinitely

The Indiana Medical Licensing Board suspended the medical license of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer indefinitely at their meeting on Thursday.

The Office of the Indiana Attorney General filed a complaint against Dr. Klopfer on January 11, 2016 alleging violations of state law by failing to provide qualified personnel to monitor patients undergoing surgical abortion procedures.

Between January 2012 and November 2013, Klopfer performed approximately 2,405 surgical and medical abortions at three different clinics. During the two year period, he allegedly did not provide or did not document counseling information to patients who underwent abortion procedures in the manner required by law.

Klopfer allegedly did not report abortions performed on underage patients to the state as the law requires.

Klopfer also allegedly failed to complete and submit to the State Department of Health accurate records as required by state statute about his patients who underwent abortion procedures.

During a hearing in Indianapolis Thursday, the Medical Licensing Board voted to indefinitely suspend Klopfer’s license to practice.

Klopfer will not be allowed to seek reinstatement for at least six months and until he completes a board-prescribed educational program and other requirements.

The board also ordered a $3,000 fine and costs of the Attorney General’s investigation.

“The Board’s action upholds public health and underscores the need for license holders to comply with the recordkeeping and advisement procedures that the law requires,” Attorney General Greg Zoeller said in a press release. “This individual’s failure to do so has resulted in these serious licensing sanctions.”

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