Medicinal marijuana store planned for Niles shopping plaza

NOW: Medicinal marijuana store planned for Niles shopping plaza


NILES, MI. --Business owners in one Niles plaza told ABC57 News, they were surprised to learn a medical marijuana shop would be placed right in the middle of their place of business. 

"There will be a marijuana provision center right here in our plaza," explains Shawn Dunlap.

She owns Tranquility Mist Massage and Body Works, just two doors down from where she believes the pot shop will go.

Dunlap says, she's on board with the addition.

"A lot of my clients are in pain and if I can help them, I think it's a good thing," she adds. 

A good thing that Dunlap believes has been a long time coming, and is more than well worth the wait.

 "I think it's a healthier choice than the way our society is now, where all of these drugs are just being given for pain control. All of these people are addicted to pain medications that are not doing them any good at all," she says. "If they could have a more natural, healthier way of dealing with their pain, then that's a great thing."

Dunlap and the rest of the business owners in the plaza, don't know exactly where the store will be.

But they have their suspicions.

"The only place where I know is open, is suite 105, and it's right in the middle," says Dunlap.

Some of the other business owners, didn't want to go on camera with ABC57 News, but said that they're main concern is with safety and security.

Dunlap disagrees.

"I've been here for 10 years and I haven't had an issue," she explains. "I don't see how this is going to make more of a problem."

ABC57 News did reach out to the company allegedly behind the new medical marijuana business, but as of airtime on Friday, have not heard back.

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